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Smartmail Marketing™: The Science of Direct Mail

You may have noticed recent posts in your Facebook feed or even a full-page ad in newspaper about a new marketing tool by Canada Post. While many people think that it is just flogging the ‘same old junk mail’ advertising mail, it is in fact a more intelligent way for businesses to engage with their most likely […]

Why Direct Mail Marketing Is Not Dead

With millions of people going online and communicating via email and text messages, you’d think that direct mail has gone the way of the dodo. However, a study conducted by the United States Postal Service (USPS) revealed that direct mail is still a very popular marketing technique. Direct mail has been around for centuries and […]

What Is Lead Generation?

Companies rely on leads to seek out potential customers. Leads are vital to the success of any company in the marketplace, especially in an online setting. If it wants to stay in business and prosper, a company must establish lead generation strategies that are cost-effective. Definition Lead generation is a marketing term for the process […]

7 Ways To Make A Direct Mail Campaign Successful

It may be junk mail to some people, but savvy business owners know that direct mail advertisement is money.  Direct mail marketing is making a comeback after spam legislation and spam filters caused many advertisers to shift away from email marketing.  These days, using direct mail for advertisement is regaining its popularity and marketers are […]

6 Mistakes to Avoid In Your Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail is an effective yet inexpensive marketing tool.  However, it takes careful planning and proper implementation if you want your marketing campaign to succeed.  Here are 6 common mistakes you want to avoid with your direct mail advertising campaign. Mistake #1. Using the Wrong Mailing List The mailing list is the most important component […]

Local Marketing and Direct Mail

Small business owners are always looking for ways to boost the flow of local clients into their store or office.  Local marketing focuses on promotional methods that target people who actually live in the community where the business operates.  While many small business owners are reluctant to advertise to local citizens, it’s the only way […]

8 Direct Mail Marketing Tips

Advertising can be expensive, but a successful marketing campaign can help you generate more revenues and increase profits.  With proper planning, direct mail marketing can provide the best results possible.  Here are 8 simple tips that will bring a steady stream of new customers to your store or office.   Tip #1. Get A List […]

Grow Your Business With Direct Mail

What’s bigger than search, online video, online rich media, online banner ads and traditional magazine advertising… combined? Direct mail of course. Direct mail is NOT dead! It is the cornerstone of direct marketing. According to the Winterbury Group1, U.S marketers spent more than $45 billion on direct mail in 2012. In fact, it has increased from […]

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