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Direct Mail Printing Mistakes Can Cost Thousands!

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Printing and mailing 500 postcards is a no-brainer and will not break the bank if you screw it up, but what about a larger, more complex campaign that requires various package components, like an RD or BRE, and the services of a lettershop? If you are new at direct mail, you will undoubtedly have many questions about the actual printing of your campaign.

  • WHAT kind of printer you should NEVER work with?
  • WHEN you should not use PDF art for your mail campaigns?
  • HOW to reduce the cost of your personalization?
  • WHAT is the #1 secret to a successful direct mail campaign?

While there are endless sources about direct mail in general, there are few books available that can guide you through the complexities of print production.

  • WHAT is the difference between a printer, mailshop and lettershop?
  • HOW many ‘overs’ should you print?
  • WHAT is the ONLY type of perforation you should use on your laser stock?

A misstep at the tail end of a dm campaign during the actual printing and delivery can easily wipe out any ROI, and turn your project into a financial disaster!!

Secret-Keys-3D-Book-Printing-Gold-2Get help with our new, revised edition of The 10 Secret Keys to Successful Direct Mail Printing, now available on Amazon.

Based on more than 30 years of hands-on dm printing experience, the book will show you the way around many of the pitfalls of dm production. It can literally save you thousands of dollars wasted on common printing and mailing mistakes.

Check it out today on Amazon.

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Read reviews below:

“If you’re reading this, you’re holding a production ‘Bible’. It contains countless valuable tips and tricks of the trade compiled by the man who, literally and figuratively, wrote the book on DM production.”
Bob Knight, R. J. Knight & Associates

“Many suppliers claim they’ll truly be your “partner.” But very few get to know your business as well as Rainer does. Fewer still can provide efficient solutions to your needs. Working with him makes me look good!”
-Gilles Roy, Gilles Roy & Associates
“The 10 Keys of Successful Direct Mail Production” is a very useful guide to making sure that your DM campaigns are properly executed and delivered on time. Well worth reading, keeping on hand and passing on to the newbies in the business. Sage words and very practical advice; something of good value to all DM practitioners, from production to creative people.”
-Michael Hofmann, Resource Mail Services
“Too often we spend our time and energy on the upfront work in Direct Mail, only to see it fall apart because we didn’t take care of the execution. Costs soar and deadlines fall by the wayside when you don’t think about how best to put your great ideas into action. Rainer has done a remarkable job of putting together a ‘must read’ resource for anyone planning their next direct marketing project.”
-Janine Foster, St. Lawrence College
“Having been responsible for the production of thousands of direct mail packages, I believe Rainer’s Secret Keys is an excellent manual for DM newbies and pros alike. His clearly-written tips are a superb checklist every mailer can use to avoid common pitfalls, and save time and money.
-Marlena McCarthy, Done Write Communications
“I found “The 10 Secret Keys To Successful Direct Mail Printing” to be an excellent source for direct mail professionals at all levels. I’ve shared it with a few new hires as a great starting point for understanding some of the challenges in our business. Thanks and keep up the good work.”
-Michael L. Vitch, Compu-Mail
“Rainer’s book filled with practical points , helped me apply many tips to a completely new area of Hotels and Restaurants that too in India where direct marketing is at a very infancy stage. THANKS Rainer!!”
-Vikram Kamat, Marketing Manager
“Save yourself headaches and thousands of dollars, before you send out your next mailing. Rainer knows what he’s talking about, read this book today.”
-Ray Khan, Khan Scope Centre

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