Variable Data Printing (VDP)


Have you ever received something that you know is bulk mail but yet you read it because it is personalized with your name? It’s amazing how seeing your name in print can raise the level of curiosity you have about the contents of a mail piece. Your customers and prospects will have the same reaction when they receive a mail piece that has been personalized using laser personalization or what is commonly known today as Variable Data Printing (VDP).

Laser personalization enables you to be more intentional about your marketing strategy by providing a way to personalize any printed piece. However, moving personalized information from a database to paper can be a difficult task, especially when the database is large or complex.

While standard laser personalization generally involves using just black toner (sometimes a second colour like blue for a signature), digital personalization is a 4-colour process. An example may be a variable 4-colour photo that changes for each record or file.

We would be happy to partner with you in exploring the world of personalized data. Call our print shop today for more information about how you can incorporate laser personalization into your organization’s marketing or fundraising strategy.

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