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Read This Letter Before You Start Planning Your Next Direct Mail Campaign!

Are you tired of making excuses to your boss when something goes wrong with your direct mail printing?

Are you frustrated that you can’t depend on your dm print suppliers to do the job right?

Don’t you wish you could spend the time on the golf course or skiing instead of attending a print press approval?

You know you don’t have the time to check on all the little production details that ensure a successful direct mail appeal. And you know it’s not really your job — it’s the job of your print supplier!

What happens when your supplier doesn’t check the ‘little’ details? Imagine the following scenarios:

Scenario #1: A client supplies 50,000 printed letters to their lettershop. The 4-colour letters are supplied by the client’s printer. They arrive just in time for the lettershop to laser-personalize them.

There’s just one problem — the letters have already been folded and they can’t be lasered!

The result? The client reprints the entire 50,000 letters at a cost of $4,000. In addition, the mailing is delayed by a week.

Scenario #2: A lettershop quotes a large mailing based on a special method of automated matching called VideoMatch (VM). The client, using a commercial printer, supplies the lettershop with the laser stock.

When it’s time to laser, the lettershop realizes that VM cannot be used because of an incorrect layout of the stock. Unfortunately, neither the client nor the printer had reviewed the specific VM stock requirements.

The result? The client was asked to to pay an additional $3,000 in lettershop fees to complete the job.

Scenario #3: 100,000 outer closed face envelopes are supplied to the lettershop. The envelopes, manufactured by the client’s regular commercial printer, are to be laser-addressed.

Once the lasering process has begun, it is noted by the lettershop that the flaps of the envelopes are sealing shut!

The gum on the envelope flap is not laser-friendly and is being activated by the intense heat of the laser printer!

The result? A choice between re-printing 100,000 envelopes or opening all of the sealed envelopes manually. In either case, thousands of dollars in additional costs and a delayed mailing!

 “I’ve Seen Many Horror Stories Just Like These, and Worse!”

Believe it or not, the above scenarios are true! They all happened! More than once!

I have seen the agony and stress that clients endured when things went wrong. Things that could easily have been avoided!

Imagine… wrong quantities, late deliveries, incorrect coding, wrong sizes, missing postal indicias, plus many, many more! Useless laser stock because of print powder, laser-unfriendly stock, or wrong grain direction.

How about paying double the postage fees because your envelope art does not meet postal requirements?

You may even have had some horror stories of your own!

 DM Graphics Inc. Has The Experience and Know-How
To Help You!

Finally… a solution to all your direct mail problems!

For more than 25 years as President of Bradford Direct, the premier personalization lettershop in Canada, I personally helped organizations such as yours with their direct mail production needs, whether it be lettershop or printing requirements.

A lot of time and money is invested in your direct mail campaign. A lot of work has gone into design and strategy. Wouldn’t you like to see the production end of it run smoothly?

Or, wouldn’t it be nice if any last-minute glitches could be caught and corrected before it’s printed?

DM Graphics is here to help you with all of these issues!

 “Always More Than Expected”

As a matter of fact, you’ll find that we ‘over-deliver’. There will be many details that you will not even be aware of, details that we will bring to your attention.

Details that we will look after for you!

Your own experience is a great tool but you can’t be experienced enough to catch everything!

 100% Iron-Clad
No Hassle Guarantee!

We take pride in the fact that we offer a No-Hassle guarantee! No other printer will offer such a guarantee!

I saw a sign this morning at a small independent store that read, “We will match any Big Box store prices!” Even though they sold the same item and the fact that it was much closer to home, I hesitated buying there.

Why would I drive out of my way to get this item from a big box store when I could get it for the same price so much closer to home?

I didn’t have the answer right away but after thinking about it for awhile, it finally dawned on me…

There was no mention of a guarantee, and specifically NO Return Policy!

When we buy at a big box store, we know that we can return it if it doesn’t work! We don’t have to argue with them about it! We buy there with peace of mind.

That’s the power of a No-Hassle Guarantee!

And, if in the unlikely event that there is a re-print situation, we will go one better… we will provide you with a $250 Coupon that can be used on any of your future projects with DM Graphics! Good for three months!

That’s what we mean by a Better-Than-Risk-Free, No Hassle Guarantee!

Can there be any other reason NOT to partner with DM Graphics for any of your direct marketing needs?

I don’t think so. But if you can think of any, please feel free to call or email me.


T: 416.520.2149

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