Grow Your Business With Direct Mail

What’s bigger than search, online video, online rich media, online banner ads and traditional magazine advertising… combined? Direct mail of course.

Direct mail is NOT dead!

It is the cornerstone of direct marketing. According to the Winterbury Group1, U.S marketers spent more than $45 billion on direct mail in 2012. In fact, it has increased from $43.8 billion in 2009. The reason for this is… it works!


2012 direct mail spend

2012 Direct Mail Spend


According to the latest 2013 statistics from the Direct Marketing Association2, 54.5% of U.S. households read their letter-sized mail in 2011. For larger direct mail pieces, that number jumped to 67.2%!

But isn’t overall mail volume declining? Yes, because advertising dollars are now being spent on additional cross-channel, integrated marketing. However, this will result in higher response rates for those who stick with direct mail as they gain a greater “share of the mailbox.”

Direct mail remains one of the most effective advertising channels, especially for those who take advantage of the latest technology and innovations in direct mail.

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1 Winterbury Group
2 Direct Marketing Association


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