Exactly what direct mail services does DM Graphics provide?

Our services revolve around: (1) the offset printing of components designed to be used in a direct mail campaign, and (2) mailing services (also known as a lettershop services). Printing can include anything from a standalone self-mailer to a full package consisting of an Outer Envelope, Reply Envelope, Letter, Response, Lift letter, Premium and/or a Special Offer. Lettershop services comprise a vast array mailing equipment and functions to get your mailing out the door on time.

Is there anything special about the direct mail printing that you do?

YES! We ensure that all the components of your direct mail package are designed to work with each other. As a small example, we ensure that the Reply Device will actually fit into the postage-paid reply envelope without folding by the recipient. Believe it or not, that can make a difference in your response rate. We will also ensure that that your package will meet postal regulations. And, very importantly, we will guarantee that any component that will be laser or inkjet-personalized will be compatible on the personalization equipment.

Why is ‘personalization stock’ so important?

Laser-compatible stock must be free of offset spray powder, glue, varnish, AQ and any other specially-coated stock. On some equipment, the grain direction of the paper makes a difference. Special perforations must also be used. If the personalization equipment cannot run your stock, your only choice may be to re-print at great expense.

Do you provide mailing lists?

No, but we can recommend industry experts.

Do you provide design services?

Most of our clients provide final art. Having said that, a lot of the final art usually requires some kind of adjustment at our end (no charge for minor changes). If you require it, we can also provide full design services for your direct mail package.

What size mailings do you typically work with?

The direct mail packages that we work with range anywhere from 1,000 to 1,000,000 units with the majority of the jobs in the 50,000-unit range.

I can get my printing done cheaper down the street from my quick printer. Will you give me a better price?

Our prices are very competitive for the services we offer. There is a ‘night-and-day’ difference between the services provided by your quick printer, or even your regular commercial printer, and DM Graphics. Our expertise is backed up by three decades of experience in the direct mail industry. We’ve seen and done it all. The money you can save, or the increase you can see in your ROI, by working with us will more than make up for any price difference. The price difference is your insurance that your job will be properly done.

Can DM Graphics give me some pointers on my direct mail package?

If you send PDFs (Portable Document Format) of your direct mail package to info@dmgraphics.ca, we will review them at no charge.

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