7 Ways To Make A Direct Mail Campaign Successful

It may be junk mail to some people, but savvy business owners know that direct mail advertisement is money.  Direct mail marketing is making a comeback after spam legislation and spam filters caused many advertisers to shift away from email marketing.  These days, using direct mail for advertisement is regaining its popularity and marketers are studying how to use it successfully to gain new customers and increase revenues.

Direct mail refers to letters, flyers, postcards and the like sent by post to prospective customers.  It is a form of direct response advertising, wherein customers are provided a call to action such as placing an order or making a call.  When done the right way, direct mail is one of the most effective marketing tools around.  Let’s find out how to establish a successful direct mail advertisement campaign.

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Design A Strong Direct Mail Offer

1.  Determine What You Have To Offer

Advertising campaigns, regardless of method or strategy, starts with a product, service or concept.  Determine what you want your prospective customers to buy, and what you want them to do.

2.  Identify Your Target Market

The better you can identify your target audience, the higher the response rate.  Knowing who your prospective customers are enables you to focus your marketing efforts on their needs and wants.

3.  Choose The Format That Best Suits Your Needs

Depending on your product/service, your offer, and your target audience, you must choose the best format for your marketing campaign.  Postcards, flyers, catalogs, and envelopes are some of the choices to consider.

4.  Design Your Mail Piece

Visual appeal plays a big role in direct mail marketing.  It may be a good idea to hire a graphic designer who can create an attractive and compelling marketing piece.  Professionals know how to combine color, text and graphics that will catch the reader’s eye and interest.  Don’t forget that the copy – the text that tells about your product– is equally important.

Keep in mind that the paper used for your mail pieces will reflect on your product or services.  For bulk or discount items, you can get away with using lower quality paper.  However, you will want to use high quality paper when advertising high-end products.

5.  Focus On Benefits

Instead of describing what your company or product does, tell your prospective customers what benefits they can derive from it.  If you sell roofing materials, a headline that says, “We Provide the Best Types of Roofing Materials” is not as compelling as one that says, “Protect Your Investment with the Right Roofing System”.

6.  Make A Clear Offer

Your customers will want to know exactly what they can expect from your offer, so give them the details.  Instead of saying, “Big, big savings,” you can provide something more specific such as, “40% off all linens, this weekend only.”

Avoid using words like “amazing” or “unbelievable.”  They rarely get a positive reaction from prospects.

7.  Include A Call To Action

After making your sales pitch, go ahead and ask for sale.  A successful direct mail advertisement should include a call to action.  It’s not enough to just list your phone numbers, website or address.  Ask your reader to make the call, visit your website, or come to the store.


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