Smartmail Marketing™: The Science of Direct Mail

You may have noticed recent posts in your Facebook feed or even a full-page ad in newspaper about a new marketing tool by Canada Post. While many people think that it is just flogging the ‘same old junk mail’ advertising mail, it is in fact a more intelligent way for businesses to engage with their most likely prospects and customers.

Smartmail Marketing

But before we look into more detail about this new marketing tool, we need to understand the power of direct mail and its place in the marketing world. While there will always be consumers who consider any kind of mail in their mailbox, other than personal letters from people they know, as “junk mail”, you may be surprised at the actual positive acceptance of advertising mail by the general population.

Did you know that 76% of Canadians read coupons and 59% save these coupons? 67% read advertising mail and 71% share their mail. In a study conducted in partnership with Harris/Decima examining how Canadians engage with different types of advertising mail, the highest percentage (72%) of engagement was mail with samples. Who doesn’t like a free sample? (more…)

Why Direct Mail Marketing Is Not Dead

With millions of people going online and communicating via email and text messages, you’d think that direct mail has gone the way of the dodo. However, a study conducted by the United States Postal Service (USPS) revealed that direct mail is still a very popular marketing technique.

direct mail still works

A Strong Direct Mail Offer Still Works

Direct mail has been around for centuries and it doesn’t seem like it’s going away soon. It’s a highly effective way to reach your target audience and call them to action regarding a product or service. You can also send coupons and other promotional materials by direct mail.

Why Direct Mail Marketing Works
• Cost Effective   Direct mail is cheap, and your marketing message will reach more people for less money. A direct mail marketing campaign can easily reach thousands of people, whereas a salesperson might only be able to get in touch with a few dozen people. As long as it’s well-designed and well-written, your direct mail can do the selling for you. Customers can order by phone or online. Your letter or flyer (more…)

What Is Lead Generation?

Companies rely on leads to seek out potential customers. Leads are vital to the success of any company in the marketplace, especially in an online setting. If it wants to stay in business and prosper, a company must establish lead generation strategies that are cost-effective.

Lead generation is a marketing term for the process of generating consumer interest in a company’s products or services and collecting names and contact information. The primary purpose of generating leads is to build a list that salespeople can use to generate sales.

Lead generation

How Are Leads Generated?
Lead generation is nothing new. Traditionally, companies obtained leads at trade shows where they exhibited their wares in the hopes of attracting the attention of potential customers. Visitors at the company’s booth could leave a card filled out with their contact information. Later, the company’s salespeople would give them a call and hopefully make a sale.

Leads can also be obtained through (more…)

7 Ways To Make A Direct Mail Campaign Successful

It may be junk mail to some people, but savvy business owners know that direct mail advertisement is money.  Direct mail marketing is making a comeback after spam legislation and spam filters caused many advertisers to shift away from email marketing.  These days, using direct mail for advertisement is regaining its popularity and marketers are studying how to use it successfully to gain new customers and increase revenues.

Direct mail refers to letters, flyers, postcards and the like sent by post to prospective customers.  It is a form of direct response advertising, wherein customers are provided a call to action such as placing an order or making a call.  When done the right way, direct mail is one of the most effective marketing tools around.  Let’s find out how to establish a successful direct mail advertisement campaign. (more…)

6 Mistakes to Avoid In Your Direct Mail Campaign

direct mail success

Avoid these mistakes to run a successful direct mail campaign.

Direct mail is an effective yet inexpensive marketing tool.  However, it takes careful planning and proper implementation if you want your marketing campaign to succeed.  Here are 6 common mistakes you want to avoid with your direct mail advertising campaign.

Mistake #1. Using the Wrong Mailing List

The mailing list is the most important component of your direct mail marketing efforts.  You may have the best mailing package with great copy and fabulous design but without the best list you will not get the response you were hoping for.

When it comes to direct mail advertising, the mailing list is your market. (more…)

Local Marketing and Direct Mail

Small business owners are always looking for ways to boost the flow of local clients into their store or office.  Local marketing focuses on promotional methods that target people who actually live in the community where the business operates.  While many small business owners are reluctant to advertise to local citizens, it’s the only way to spread the word and let people know about your great products or services.  Using direct mail is a convenient, inexpensive and effective way to get the word out.  Your business will benefit from the influx of local customers, and they will get great value and service from you.

direct mail delivery

Direct mail is delivered by Canada Post and the USPS.

Why You Need to Market Locally

Every business needs customers – the more, the better.  Brick and mortar shops and stores rely heavily on the patronage of local customers for their survival and growth.  People often think that advertising is only done on the national or international level.  Many small business owners feel it’s not “ethical” to market their goods or services to people in their community.

Nothing could be further from the truth. (more…)

8 Direct Mail Marketing Tips

Advertising can be expensive, but a successful marketing campaign can help you generate more revenues and increase profits.  With proper planning, direct mail marketing can provide the best results possible.  Here are 8 simple tips that will bring a steady stream of new customers to your store or office.


dm tips

Tip #1. Get A List

Your mailing list is probably the most important factor for a successful direct mail marketing campaign.  The best list is your own in-house list, which contains your past and existing customers.  It’s cheaper and easier to sell to existing customers than to try and find new ones.

If you don’t have an in-house list, the next best thing is to purchase a targeted mailing list from a reputable company.  Getting the right list is the first step in your advertising efforts. (more…)

2016 Internet Facts and Stats

Do you have a web presence? There are 966 million websites today, of which 76.5 million are WordPress-based.

Is your site mobile-friendly? Just a few years ago, it was predicted that the number of mobile users would outstrip desktop. In 2015, mobile users accounted for 52.7% of total users.

Any plans for e-commerce? The internet now contributes to over $2.2 trillion in annual retail sales, of which $1 trillion is mobile-influenced.

The first website was built in 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee (yes, he’s still alive to see what he has created) and the internet has now become an economic force that can no longer be ignored by businesses looking to grow. (more…)

Pump Life Into Your DM

While claims of direct mail being dead are ubiquitous, direct mail is far from being dead.

But not all direct mail is treated equal. Here are six methods for pumping life into direct mail campaigns.

Direct Mail Isn’t Dead: You Just Have to Make It Come to Life


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Opps Button_14086935_printBut just like any other profession, brokers will tell you it’s not always that rosy. You can have decades of experience and yet details will fall through the cracks. Chalk it up to not enough time, complacency, whatever.

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One of the biggest reasons is relying on the reputation or your problem-free history with a vendor. (more…)

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