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Grow Your Business With Direct Mail

What’s bigger than search, online video, online rich media, online banner ads and traditional magazine advertising… combined? Direct mail, of course.

Direct mail is NOT dead!

It is the cornerstone of direct marketing. According to the Winterbury Group1, U.S marketers spent more than $45 billion on direct mail in 2012. In fact, it has increased from $43.8 billion in 2009. The reason for this is… it works!


2012 direct mail spend

2012 Direct Mail Spend


According to the latest 2013 statistics from the Direct Marketing Association2, 54.5% of U.S. households read their letter-sized mail in 2011. For larger direct mail pieces, that number jumped to 67.2%!

But isn’t overall mail volume declining? Yes, because advertising dollars are now being spent on additional cross-channel, integrated marketing. However, this will result in higher response rates for those who stick with direct mail as they gain a greater “share of the mailbox.”

Direct mail remains one of the most effective advertising channels, especially for those who take advantage of the latest technology and innovations in direct mail.

To discover how we can help your business or organization grow through direct mail, give us a call at 416-520-2149, or use our Contact page.

1 Winterbury Group
2 Direct Marketing Association


  • “Professional, Successful Experience”
    Rainer’s attention to detail was superb as well as his timely delivery on our print products. Should you be looking for a supplier for your print campaign, I would fully endorse Rainer Fischer and DM Graphics for a professional, successful experience. – Dave Clubine, ShareLife, Toronto, ON

  • “Dependable Service”
    DM Graphics provides careful and dependable service, providing insight and project management support. Rainer uses his knowledge to work on our behalf through the production and printing of our projects.
    – Bill Steinburg, Archdiocese of Toronto, Toronto, ON

  • “Exceeds Expectations”
    Year after year, DM Graphics continues to exceed my expectations. With Rainer’s knowledge of the industry and his attention to detail, I wouldn’t dream of using anyone else in Canada for my printing needs.
    – Meredith Kirkpatrick, Direct Resources Group, Seattle, WA

  • “Honours Dates”
    I use your services because of the quality of your printed products as well as the speed at which they are produced. Having worked together, I enjoy knowing you honour the dates you say you can deliver.
    – Jeremy Carrothers, CCFC, Toronto, ON

  • “Looks Great”
    Rainer, it looks great. Thanks for catching that typo… our previous designer would NEVER have done that.
    – Amanda Robertson, Street Health, Toronto, ON

  • “Production Excellence”
    Rainer knows direct response and his expertise ensures personalization and production excellence and healthy ROI.
    -Gayle Goossen, Barefoot Creative, Kitchener, ON

  • “Hits Deadlines”
    Rainer is very professional, providing excellent service and products. I appreciate his suggestions on how projects can be done more cost-effectively. I can also count on Rainer for hitting deadlines.
    – Marlena McCarthy, Done Write Communications, Toronto, ON

  • “Follows Through”
    Rainer is a detail-oriented manager and he follows through on every detail.
    – Brian Petersen, BP Group, Ancaster, ON

  • “Maximizes Results”
    Rainer is a student of direct-response marketing. When you’re hiring Rainer to handle your campaign, you are getting much more than a “printer” or a “fulfillment house.”
    – Alex Makarski, Business Development Consultant, Toronto, ON

  • “Makes Me Look Good”
    Many suppliers claim they’ll truly be your “partner.” But very few get to know your business as well as Rainer does. Working with him makes me look good!
    – Gilles Roy, Gilles Roy & Associates, Montreal, QC

  • “Remarkable Job”
    Rainer has done a remarkable job of putting together a ‘must read’ resource (The 10 Secret Keys To Successful Direct Mail Printing) for anyone planning their next direct marketing project.
    – Janine Foster, St. Lawrence College, Kingston, ON

  • “THANKS”
    Rainer’s book filled with practical points , helped me apply many tips to a completely new area of Hotels and Restaurants that too in India where direct marketing is at a very infancy stage. THANKS, Rainer!!
    -Vikram Kamat, Marketing Manager, India

  • “Wrote The Book…”
    Rainer’s book contains countless valuable tips and tricks of the trade compiled by the man who, literally and figuratively, wrote the book on DM production.
    -Bob Knight, R. J. Knight & Associates, Vancouver, BC

  • “Invaluable Tools”
    The Secret Keys are an invaluable tool for seasoned Direct Mailers or newcomers. It outlines Best Practices and can save you significant time and money. Thank you Rainer!
    – Debbie Major, Data Direct Group Inc., Mississauga, ON

  • “Sage Words and Practical Advice”
    The 10 Keys of Successful Direct Mail Printing is a very useful guide to making sure that your DM campaigns are properly executed and delivered on time. 
    – Michael Hofmann, Resource Mail Services, Toronto, ON

  • “Knows What He’s Talking About”
    Save yourself headaches and thousands of dollars, before you send out your next mailing. Rainer knows what he’s talking about, read this book today.
    – Ray Khan, Khan Scope Centre, Toronto, ON

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